Holiday HIIT Workout


My secret for guilt-free indulging over the holidays? Sticking to my workout schedule even when my days get busy and traveling takes me away from the gym. Here’s one of my favorite no-equipment necessary, do-anywhere workouts that will take you only 30 minutes! What are you waiting for? Grab your iPod, favorite workout leggings, and/or a friend and let’s go break a sweat!


Start your workout with some dynamic stretches and once you’re warmed up, get the workout going with five minutes of cardio. If you’re at the gym, I recommend hoping on the treadmill or rowing machine. No gym? No problem! Try running up and down stairs, around the block or jumping rope to get the heart pumping! The five minute strength circuit consists of five moves – one minute per move. See below for a break down of the moves and tips on proper form. Repeat the full circuit (cardio + strength) two more times and finish with at least five minutes of stretching.


squat + side lift standing with feet shoulder width apart, squat down, keeping knees behind toes. as you lift back up, raise one leg out to the side, squeezing where the hip meets the thigh. lower back to start, then perform another squat and lift other leg, alternating side to side.

spiderman push-up starting in a plank position, hands under shoulders, straight line from shoulders to toes, step one foot forward toward your hands. perform one push up and step foot back to plank position. repeat on other side stepping forward with opposite foot.

tricep push-up with kickback lower into a modified plank position, knees on the ground. with a narrow stance, tucking elbows into your sides, perform a tricep pushup. as you lower into the push up, lift one leg, performing a kickback. as you press back up, lower leg. alternate kickbacks on each leg as you perform push ups.

curtsey lunge start standing with feet hip width apart. step one foot back and behind, then lower into a lunge. squeeze the booty as you lift back up to start. alternate between both legs.

tricep dip + kickout start in a reverse tabletop position, heels under knees and wrists under shoulders. as you lower into a tricep dip, kick one foot out and up. as you press up back to tabletop, lower leg. alternate side to side kickouts as you perform the tricep dips, keeping elbows tucked in close to the body.



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