Holiday Hairstyles

Around the holidays, I always try to infuse some Christmas cheer into my everyday routines. I’ve already showed you how I revamp my makeup routine during the holiday season, and today I’m sharing two simple hair styles that incorporate a touch of festive flair.

The first style is a simple half pony tail wrapped with a red ribbon. To copy the look, start with curly or straight hair and pull into a half pony. Cut a piece of red ribbon, about 2 feet long. Wrap the ribbon around your pony tail several times to cover up the pony tail holder and then tie a ribbon to finish.


To create this second look, curl your hair using a wand, wrapping approximately one inch size pieces around the barrel of the wand or a curling iron. Choose a festive headband and place it on your head, be sure to leave some hair hanging at the front of your face.  Then use two bobby pins to secure the front sections of your hair behind your ears, hiding the bobby pins under your hair. I love this sparkly metallic headband I used below and another one of my favorites is a red velvet headband – both are festive and fun options.



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