Three Winter Hats You Need

Hats serve a functional purpose – keeping us warm when “baby, it’s cold outside” – but they also serve a purpose that’s less about staying cozy and more about staying chic. Hats make a big statement as an accessory and can help take an outfit from ordinary to take-a-second-look, in a good way of course!

From stylish toppers to cute beanies there are seemingly infinite types of hats and just as many ways to wear each one. Here’s a list of the three hats I’m calling seasonal must-haves. These hats have got you covered for every winter occasion, and any bad hair day that might pop up.

1. the floppy hat

wear this hat to brunch, while running errands, or when traveling.


2. the pom pom hat

perfect for playing in the snow, walking the dogs, and heading to and from the gym.


3. the beret

this classic french style is chic for morning commutes and post dinner-date strolls.



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