An Easy DIY Bow for Wrapped Presents


Today I’m sharing a DIY that will help add a little something extra to your simple holiday gift wrapping. Follow these simple step by step instructions to make your own paper bow.

You will need craft paper (any color or pattern you desire), scissors, hot glue gun, bow template (I found one here).

1. Cut out the template and trace each piece onto the craft paper. Then, cut the shapes out of the craft paper.


2. Fold both ends of the longest shape into the middle and glue together where they meet.


3. Next, glue both the large pieces together using a dab of hot glue in the middle of the base piece.


4. Your bow should look like this. Now find the small strip of paper that you cut out.


5. Glue the small strip to the top of the bow and wrap around, securing on the back with more hot glue.


6. Your bow is complete!


7. Now glue the bow to your wrapped gifts and place under the tree!



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