She Reads Truth Advent Study

I love many things about the Christmas season – like baking cookies, buying gifts, decorating the house, and singing carols. However, this year I also wanted to be very intentional about focusing on the reason we celebrate Christmas at all – the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I found an advent study from She Reads Truth and asked my mom and sister to join me in the four-week study. The book is nearly a hundred pages, filled with daily scripture, hymns, beautiful artwork, and even some recipes.


My daily quiet time so far this advent season has been so enjoyable. I find myself diving into the Bible to read more than the printed passage and also reflecting on how I can change my own heart in light of what God has done for me. Sending his only son to die for our sins was the greatest Christmas gift that we will ever have and I so often take it for granted. Starting my day in reflection and prayer sets me up to live each day more Christ-centered than the day before.


Unfortunately it’s too late to order the advent study book, but not too late to subscribe to the daily email of readings and devotionals.

I pray you all have a blessed Christmas and are able to find time during this busy season to reflect on the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.


One thought on “She Reads Truth Advent Study

  1. Hi and good morning my angel eyes . The blog today was a wonderful way forme to begin my day. Thank you and have a wonderful day. I love you Grams

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