DIY: Sparkle Fringe Tree

It’s time for the first DIY of the season! I love crafting and particularly love holiday themed crafts. Today I’m sharing a craft I found on another blog by Courtney Khail. This little tree was easy to make and I love the variety of textures and colors. Place it on your desk, mantle, coffee table – or anywhere – for a daily dose of sparkle!

To start, gather your materials. You’ll need scissors, tape, a hot glue gun, silver and gold sparkle craft paper, two pieces of white craft paper. newspaper, and paper towel. Then, cut the silver glitter paper, newspaper and paper towel into strips about 1-2 inches wide. You will need about eight strips of each paper, but this could vary depending on the height of your tree.


Tape the two pieces of white paper together, overlapping in the middle, and roll into a cone shape. Tape the ends down and cut the base so it will sit flat.


Now cut slits along one long edge of the strips to create the fringe. Use the hot glue gun to secure the paper to the tree, wrapping each strip around the tree, starting from the bottom. Remember to vary the paper you use and continue until the whole tree is covered.


Then cut two squares of the gold sparkle paper and lay them on top of each other, gold facing out on each side. Then, cut a star shape out of the stacked papers. Use hot glue to secure the stars to the top of the tree. If you cut it correctly, the points should match up and both sides will be sparkly!


Click over to the original post for more detailed instructions.


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