Tuesday Tips: Five Holiday Shopping Tips You Need to Know

There a two types of shoppers around Christmastime – those that cannot stand the mall and those that love the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. No matter which category you fall into, I’ve got some tips to make your shopping trip more efficient and more enjoyable. Read these five tips and then get to the mall – there’s only 24 shopping days until Christmas!


1. go with a list – Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to buy, make a list of who you are shopping for so you can keep the recipients front of mind as you bounce from store to store.

2. go with a budget – To avoid over spending, know your limit before you go. I even suggest taking out cash in the amount that you want to spend so you’ll visibly see how much you’re spending at each store.

3. go with a friend – Bring along a friend so you can bounce ideas off one another. Better yet, make a friend-date out of it and grab lunch after your shopping spree is complete.

4. go with a cross body bag – You’ll need to be hands free for picking up and picking out gifts. You’ll also be collecting shopping bags throughout the day, so keep your handbag and wallet close to your body and accessible.

5. go with a coffee – And by that I mean go early in the morning. You’ll have much better luck finding a parking space and you’ll beat the evening rush.



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