Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! Remember when you were younger and couldn’t fall asleep on Christmas Eve because you were too excited to see what the morning had in store? Well I hope you all still get that feeling come this special day, I know I do. Though I’m not so much excited for gifts from Santa as I am the chance to spend the whole day with my family, eating, hanging out, drinking, enjoying being together, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

This is another print I designed that my coworker and friend Kendall brought to life that I thought was perfect to share on Christmas Eve. I love to think about baby Jesus sleeping that very first Christmas Eve without a care or worry. His life would be full of challenges and obstacles but that night there was only peace. There is a great song called Joseph’s Lullaby by Mercy Me that I’ve fallen in love with this season and I highly recommend listening to it tonight (perhaps while you are having trouble falling asleep).



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