A Holiday Soirée

Hosting a holiday party may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy. I’ve already got the playlist covered and I’ve got a few more tips and tricks that will have your friends and family gushing over your hosting skills.  Before we get too far into planning the party, you’ll need to let your guests know about it! I suggest paperlesspost.com – their e-vites are adorable, affordable (when you sign up you even get a free credit!) and allow you to track RSVPs online easily.

Next step is picking a theme – and the options are endless. A few ideas include: Champagne and Cupcakes, Tacky Sweater, Mix and Mingle, Cookie Exchange, or White Elephant. Last weekend, I through a small holiday soirée and just served a couple appetizers and two signature drinks – champagne with frozen cranberries and cranberry sangria.

chalkboard cheese plate

I had a large chalkboard cut down at a local hardware store and used it to serve and label hors d’oeuvres.

sips and bits

Sips + Bites


A huge cold front and ice storm hit Dallas this weekend. But it didn’t stop the party and I finally got to break out my favorite fur vest! Cheers!

A few other holiday hosting tips! 

1. Don’t forget to have water and other non-alcoholic drinks available.

2. Vacuum, dust, make your bed and clear away any clutter before the party. Trust me, your guests will notice and appreciate that you took the time to clean.

3. Have more than one space for food. It’s okay to have a main space, but leave little snacks and treats around the room/house. It can be as simple and easy as leaving a couple bowls of festive M&Ms out on a couple different tables!

4. Dim the overhead lights and use candles. Creating the right ambiance is important.

5. If you don’t have time or money to go all out on decorations, a cheap and festive solution is a few groupings of balloons in different corners of the room.

6. Make sure you enjoy yourself but also be conscious that you are the host – introduce friends, play matchmaker, be sure to say hello and chat to each of your guests and thank them for coming.

7. Unless your party includes a sit down dinner, I suggest using plastic cups and plates and paper napkins. Cleaning the next morning (especially if hungover) is never much fun, so make it as easy as possible.

8. Give your guest something to do. One of my favorite parties was the Christmas party I hosted during my senior year of college. I had a photo booth and a giant Wish List for Santa Claus that all my guests signed!

photo 2

With some of my besties in the photo booth!

photo 1

At the end of the night, this paper was barely legible, but guests had a great time sharing their wishes (some serious, but mostly funny).


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