Film Friday: Holiday Classics

If you haven’t realized yet from reading my blog, I love Christmas. And I really love Christmas movies. Especially the classics. If you haven’t seen any of these yet I suggest you spend some quality time with your couch and Netflix this weekend, catching up on some of the oldest, but best, heart-warming holiday movies.


4.  Miracle on 34th Street – The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks off this movie (and to this day, the Christmas season) about the real Santa Claus who takes a job at Macy’s department store and helps a little girl and her mom learn to believe in the magic of Christmas.


3. It’s A Wonderful Life – This is one of my dad’s favorite movies of all time and when I first saw it I could see why. This movie was actually considered a flop when it first came out in 1946, but the story of George Bailey has proved itself to be a touching and timeless film.


2. Holiday Inn –  With a cast that includes Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, it’s a given that the singing and dancing in this movie will be top notch. Featuring music from Irving Berlin, the famous song “White Christmas” was written for this movie, but also inspired my number one holiday classic pick!


1. White Christmas – I can’t remember a Christmas I haven’t watched this movie (sometimes more than once). My mom and I love to watch this movie next to a warm fire, curled up with blankets and a big bowl of popcorn. It’s become one of the traditions we most look forward to every December.


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